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About me

Hello, I'm Marco, I'm Italian and I love Radix DLT.
I'm an experienced Linux system administrator; the first time I put my hands on a computer it had a green phosphor monitor looking like this web page (the web was born much later).
I bought my first Bitcoin in 2013 and I have been running many blockchains nodes since then. I also took part in testing Radix DLT betanet with my node.
I'm involved in Radix DLT promotion too: I'm a Radix Ambassador and the owner of the unofficial Radix DLT Telegram italian group (@Radix_Italia).


About my node

My main Radix node is a physical server (Dell PowerEdge R440) that is located in a rating 4 datacenter in Italy with anti-DDoS protection and very good peering with intertational routes.
The backup node is a Dell PowerEdge R430 located in another rating 4 datacenter in Czech Republic.



My validator proposal

My node name is "StakingCoins", the validator address is rv1qw9xrk6e4sgn4hrzp9e2kerpk3ge7jm693pm889yy9w2fxtscz6vqy46epa, the fee I'm applying to my delegators is 2% (about 0.18% effective fee).



The Telegram group @Radix_StakingCoins is dedicated to the delegators of this node. By joining this group, you will be automatically informed by the bot if any problem should happen to the validator node.
You can contact me on Discord: rigel#5123; also, please, follow me on Twitter: @Radix_SC.


Happy staking and have a nice day,